Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Jambu Air



Beginning of the fruit


Should have been yum... but pretty on the outside, spoilt inside

All ended on the ground, even the squirrels and birds couldn't finish them

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Cactus: flower by night

Flowers bloom at night, be prepared to stay up until 3am to see them in their full glory

Lovely. Unfortunately there is no smell

Training roses on a trellis

Scraggly roses grew upwards high above the trellis that it is difficult to enjoy the flowers
Secure the stems as horizontally as possible across the trellis, this will encourage new shoots to grow out of the stems

Almost all done

After a few weeks

Will be officially successful once these shoots flowers and the gardener is tall enough to enjoy the fragrance

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Creatures in the garden: the rabid cat

One of the uninvited creatures in the garden. This one thought to have rabies due to very temperamental personality, hissing and teeth baring on sight of humans. Nicknamed 'rabies'. Initially lived mostly in the covered drain with its 3 kittens, now decides to live in our garden. Suns itself on the garden bench, sleeps right outside the front door and poos everywhere. Theory for wild, aggressive behaviour: trauma due to being constantly chased by neighborhood kids. Very difficult to photograph, these are all with max zoom. Vicious eyes.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Fruit trees

The ciku tree, no fruits yet

Jambu air fighting for space with papaya. The survivor papaya was not planted, it just grew

Mango tree, came with the house. All of the first fruits split and dropped. Waiting for more fruits

Mangosteen tree died probably due to overzealous fertilizing. Replacement not found yet

Monday, 30 May 2011

The Kitchen Garden

Tumeric, lime, lemongrass and curry
Curry leaves, hidden behind the lime in picture above

Pandan outside the home perimeter. My ex-neighbor received a warning letter from PJC for planting tapioca outside hers. My pandan has so far dodged the authorities, or more likey they just let it be...
Chilies, one in a broken pot and another on the vegetable patch. Where is the rest of the vegetable patch? Well...there is a patch but no vegetables yet. Watch this space

Pandan has been used for nasi lemak and to flavour the gula melaka for sagu gula melaka and made someone very happy, yum, yum. Curry leaves - what else? to make various types of curries ie chicken, beef, brinjals.  Lime, lemongrass and tumeric leaves for rendang, masak lemak cili padi. The repertoire of receipes is limited but I also cook!